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These days everything in business is result base marketing. So instead of looking around and asking agencies to show you results and wanting references to call for verification, we like to stand out a different way to provide you a more hands-on experience.

Yes, you can get monthly reports and check references but here at Deans Media LLC we give you access to your very own dashboard with everything included in your campaign so you can track results in REAL TIME daily. Whether its yours google page rankings, PPC ads, business listings, reviews or generating 5 star reviews, checking your leads, checking who is mentioning your business online and more. Below is a link that will let you see how your dashboard will look plus I will offer you a FREE 14 day trial of Reputation Management so you can see how it will benefit your business.

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Our Features

Hands - On Access

You and any member of your team will have access to your dashboard displaying REAL TIME results! You also have the ability to use it as your own CRM to keep track of leads with our Reputation Management service

Competitor Monitoring

You have the option to monitor competitors social media activity and track their Pay-Per-Click Ads along with their keywords to enhance your campaign strategy. Having the upper hand is always an advantage.

Loyalty Program

In becoming a client we take the first six months to build the right structure to generate more leads, conversion and brand awareness. We reward you with a discount on your next six months to plan for a bigger upcoming year to upgrade your campaign

First Impression

Majority of the tasks in our campaigns are completed a month in advance so we have the month to focus on the business. We get to be more active with your customers, bring attention to your business and drive more sales!

APP Integration

We've partnered with the WAZE Navigation phone app that is available on iOS and Android. You will have the ability to advertise on the app if your a local business, now you can direct them straight to your store or office!

Provide Value

Clients take get to take advantage of all resources, support and monthly offers to further your business. Non Clients can receive FREE Digital Reports, FREE SEO Audits, FREE Two Week Facebook Advertising. Now think - How much is the lifetime value of your customer?

What We Do ?

You Will Love It.

The experience you'll receive will be very personal and all business will be handled with your own project manager to provide you excellent customer service. Your business will get an in-depth business review to pinpoint what strategy will be best then customize a campaign to better your business and generate revenue like never before while you watch. Don't just take our word for it so all we ask is for 90 days but we do recommend six months to see a complete turn around or a great beginning!

Social Media

Traffic, Engagement & Brand Awareness

Reputation Management

Generate 5 star Reviews, Business Listings, Respond To Reviews, Lead Generation

Paid Advertisement

Pay Per Click Advertisement (Google Adwords), Facebook Advertisement, Linkedin

Web Development

Website design, Website Design with Content, Landing Page Creation, Mobile Page Creation

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO, Organic SEO, Advanced Competitive SEO

We Enjoy Working

Directly With You

As a business owner of course you would love to know where you money is going and if it.  You have access to your dashboard to use as your own CRM if you would like to keep track of leads with our  Reputation Management service.

To start off we would do an audit of all platforms or websites as well as competitors depending on the campaign given to you. Upon completing your client intake we go to the next step.

All of our work is created one month in advanced to focus on other areas throughout the month for your campaign which makes time for engagements, reviews, link building, etc.

Lastly once everything has been set up, access has been granted  and actions have been approved we provide a timeline as well as what you will receive every month. You will receive detailed reports on top of you having access giving deeper insight. 

Completely Established

Completed Projects



Our Happy Clients

Says About Us

We take pride in getting all feedback from our clients. We are in business to increase your business!.

We had a great concept and good product, but we just weren’t attracting the customers. And we didn’t know why. Through a referral, we hooked up with Deans Media LLC and we couldn’t be happier. In just the second month, our rankings went through the roof and we haven’t looked back since.

Sophia H. Morse

Marketing Head

Sometimes you think you’re the only one who knows what’s best for your business. In my case, I never knew the value of a strong web presence. We’re a century-old, family-owned company from the Midwest, and technology has never been our strong suit. Thanks to Deans Media LLC, we now understand where the future is headed and how to keep the company strong for future generations

Antonio Williams


You guys are GREAT! I was a little scared at first because the first two months of business was kind of slow but after that it took a turn for the best. Thank you for working with my budget and meeting my business goals even if some were kind of strange 🙂

Barbara Jameson


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Seen something that might have caught your eye or if you have any questions regarding any service that we provide please feel free to send us an email . Our support team answers shortly and will gladly assist you. Even if you don’t know where to start but want to begin your journey its all the same and we can help!

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